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Providence Investments concentrates on markets with high barriers to entry, population growth, elevated tenant demand, key demographics, and strong employment growth. This investment strategy has generated success across multiple deals and markets.
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We focus on primary and secondary markets in Southeastern states, including Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina, and in a few Northern and Midwestern states with barriers to entry. These principles have allowed Providence Investments and its partners to flourish and outperform the market in all economic cycles.
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Class assets (A to C) management restructuring, property repositioning, and a varied approach from past owners

Equity requirements of 20–30%

Acquisition below replacement cost

Projected IRR exceeding 15% over a hold and sale period of 5–7 years

Minimum size of 150 units

Stabilized assets with value – Add opportunities

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In our acquisition of properties in locations with strong economic drivers, we add even more value by procuring multifamily investment opportunities below replacement cost, optimizing management efforts, and meticulous improvement renovations to maximize property value and cash flow.


Our Approach

Providence Investments focuses on delivering high returns to our partner investors in all targeted markets. We have years of experience with multimillion-dollar complex recapitalization projects and large multifamily developments. You can be confident that with Providence Investments and its affiliated partners, your investments are in the hands of highly motivated and knowledgeable real estate professionals.

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Exit Strategies

Our exit strategies are simple, always keeping in mind our initial target return on investment:

Sale of the asset

Combined sale as a portfolio to yield higher return

Refinancing the property

Recapitalization of the property

With a growing footprint across the Southeast, we focus on a 5–10 mile range from large employment centers and school systems, always within the path of progress.


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