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Acquisition & Development Criteria


Acquisition Criteria

  • Class Assets (A to C)
  • Management restructuring, property reposition, and a varied approach from past owners
  • Equity Requirements of 20-30%
  • Acquisition below Replacement Cost
  • Projected IRR exceeding 15% over a Hold and Sale Period of 5-7 years
  • Minimum unit size of 150 units
  • Stabilized Assets with Value-Add Opportunities


Exit Strategies

Our Exit strategy is clear and concise, always keeping in mind our initial target return on investment.

  • Sale of the asset at the pre-determined time
  • Combined sale as a portfolio to yield higher return
  • Refinancing the property
  • Recapitalization of the properly


Development Criteria

  • Optimal site to support 200 to 300 units
  • Secondary and Tertiary Markets
  • Garden Style
  • Fee Simple Land


Providence Investments targets multifamily properties in primary and secondary markets across the Southeast as well as other select markets across the continental United States. Our investment focus consists of existing multifamily assets within high growth markets, where there is potential to add value over a predetermined hold period. 


Providence Investments’ success and reputation are based on a conservative approach to meet our investment criteria. Our goal is to provide superb returns to all of our accredited investors, institutional partners, and other potential investors.


Our investment strategy focuses on the acquisition of properties within a 5-10 mile radius of strong economic drivers. We seek multifamily investment opportunities with an emphasis on high-class, quality assets in prime and growing areas. We add value by acquiring assets well below replacement cost, improving management efforts, and controlling operations to maximize value and returns.


The key to our acquisition strategy is investing in markets with a strong population and employment growth, high tenant demand, favorable economic conditions, and barriers to entry. This approach has allowed us to achieve stable cash yields and robust returns throughout the many stages of the economic cycle.

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